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Quite Possibly My Favorite…

I made Monster Cookies this afternoon.  I found a recipe for them at Bake or Break, which differed slightly from the one I had been previously using (which I honestly wasn’t all that pleased with).  My eyes will never wander again, looking for a better recipe, as these came out ridiculously delicious.  I remember my aunt Phyllis making Monster cookies when I was a kid and LOVING them.  I always wondered why my mom never made them but, as I was mixing the dough this afternoon, I think I figured out the reason.  My mom realized, in her motherly wisdom, that I could not be controlled around these cookies.  Well, look at them!  Unless you are stricken with a peanut allergy (my condolences…), what would ever keep you back from those?!   (Stop licking the screen, Jenn – that’s gross)  Which is why the only time I make these is when I am getting them out of my house and into other people’s stomachs as soon as possible.  Though I never can make a batch without having at least one (okay, okay… four).  

On another note…
Does anyone out there know the real name for this flower?  We have them in our yard and really like them.  They get about 5 feet tall, and Justin has coined them “Pinkies,” though we are pretty sure that isn’t the technical name!
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Time’s Up…

Entree Vous is officially closing.  

Today at work we cleaned out and shut down all of the make tables, and began making meals to use up our current inventory.  Over the next few weeks we will make up as many meals as we can for people to stop by and stock their freezers with our tasty food!  Everyone that comes in is very sad to learn we are closing (as we are sad to tell them!), but it just has not been busy enough to stay open.  

This is something I have been so pleased to have been a part of from the beginning.  And despite some of the crazier or frustrating days, I have thoroughly enjoyed building friendships with the other ladies that have worked there, I have loved the food and prep work, and I have enjoyed sharing this great way of “cooking” with customers.  
I am not sure exactly what I will be working at next, though taking on more orders for cakes and desserts is a possibility.  I am not in a rush to find something, as I am heading to Peru next month and I think the last thing a potential new employer wants to hear is that you need off right away!  I am sure I will think of something soon though, as trying to be a productive member of society is in my nature!
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I want to go outside!

After many nice, sunny days, we have rain today.  And while our plants and lawn definitely needed the rain, I wasn’t in a rush for it to fall!  I would much rather be going for a walk or bike ride this evening than be stuck inside.  As you can see, Norm wishes it wasn’t raining either!

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More painting!

Okay, so most of you have seen our fence, and realize what a big task it is to repaint the crazy thing.  Yes, we got a big chunk of it done on Saturday, but that still left another big chunk!  As a surprise for Justin (Surprise!), who is out golfing today, I asked a neighborhood boy (Thanks, Luke!) over to help hold the cardboard so I could paint as much as possible.  We were flying!  As you can see, some things OTHER than the fence got painted as well!  The only parts left to paint are the areas that our plants are by, which will have to wait until fall when we cut them back (probably only another 1/2 hour of work).  But this is huge!  We really accomplished a lot, and I know Justin will be excited that he doesn’t have to commit another day to this project (well, until the fall!).

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First post by Justin

I spilled yogurt on my foot.  It felt icky.

Flowers are pretty:

I like cake:

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In response to something in the news…

It took me a long time to decide if I wanted to mention this, but I was just really disturbed by James Dobson’s remarks that made the news today, including the fact that he feels he speaks for millions of evangelical Christians. I am not one of them.

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Not so busy day.

A very nice, relaxing day after many busy ones!  Not that we still didn’t fit a lot in, but at least we weren’t rushing around.  I went to the gym this morning, then came home and we played some MarioKart on the Wii.  Justin got some work done as well as putzing in the garden a bit, after which we walked downtown, picked up sandwiches for lunch, stopped at the library, and walked home.  Justin worked again and I mowed the lawn, and then we both had a chance to sit in the swing or hammock outside in the sun and read our newly borrowed books.  This evening we are heading out for small group.  The picture is Justin’s view of what got accomplished today…

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