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46 Pounds

Well, my checked bag is packed and ready, and my carry-on isn’t far behind it.  I am hoping our scale is accurate enough that my bag doesn’t go over 50 pounds at the airport (I’m hoping they don’t use doctor’s scales, which are always WAY higher than the truth!!).  I should already be in bed as I write this, trying to get at least some sleep before having to be at church at 4:15 in the morning.  But honestly, I would just be laying awake in bed thinking anyway!  Please pray our travel goes smoothly tomorrow – fly out of O’Hare around noon, then connect to our flight to Lima in Houston, planning to arrive in Lima about 10 pm.  I’m hoping to be able to update the blog as I am down there (our hotel is rumored to have internet access), or else Justin will be manning the posts till I’m home!

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One Less Key

Today was my final day working at Entree Vous.  I went in this morning and made up a few last meals for gift certificate orders, then spent some time cleaning the floors and scouring the three basin sink.  All that was left after that was to remove my key from the ring, give Ann a hug and head out the door.  It wasn’t until later this afternoon that it really started to sink in.  A single key doesn’t weigh a whole lot on a scale, but the fact that it isn’t there anymore signals a big difference in my life.  The door to a very significant part of my world has closed and I feel like I’m floundering a bit.  At least, I suppose, until I add the next “key.”   

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Cookin’ & Cleanin’

Well, the kitchen certainly got a workout today.  When I got home from the gym (my workout!) I made a batch of chocolate-chip-plus cookies (milk chocolate & semisweet chocolate chips, plus mini m&m’s) for small group this evening.  Then to use up some pears I made a batch of mini loaves of pear bread.  I froze all but one of the small loaves.  Justin can enjoy another one (or three) while I’m away.  

The kitchen was a bit of a mess by then, so I gave it a quick cleaning.  Have you seen or tried these cleaning wipes?  They’re great!  I like the “lavender” scent, mainly because it doesn’t have a cleaning chemical smell.  They were in a bundle on clearance at Target, and I thought I’d give ’em a shot.  Very handy.
Then a very yummy dinner – maple soy salmon, roasted fingerling potatoes (from Saturday’s Farmer’s Market), and a new recipe for cauliflower – roasted with carmelized onions and Spanish smoked paprika and just a dusting of cocoa powder – very unique, but also very good!  And then Travis offered to do the dishes that couldn’t go in the dishwasher (I knew there was a good reason for letting him stay! :).

After dinner I went out to check out our raspberry bushes – what a bounty!  I probably should have been checking them a few days ago, but not too many had fallen off yet.  I had been planning to bring them to small group to share, but Travis would have none of that and claimed them for his breakfast!
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"Hey Brother"

Buster, from “Arrested Development

John and Sarah dropped Travis off this afternoon.  As you can see, Storm appreciates her new friend, even if he is skinnier than she is.  Trav will be staying the week, and then is heading out on a short train trip to Portland with a friend.  

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Potentially Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies

Two years ago when we were in Las Vegas, my mom, aunt Ruth and I went out for dinner to Bouchon.  I would list this among my top favorite meals of all time.  We didn’t necessarily get a huge spread but they just had PERFECT french bread, sweet cream butter, and roasted pistachios to enjoy before our entrees arrived, and I have yet to have gnocchi that compare to what I had there.  Little did we know that we missed out BIG time by not stopping at their bakery, which is in the lobby of the Venetian hotel.  I found this recipe online, and figured if their sweets even came close to their meals, we would have a hit.  This was more than a hit.  This was a bottom-of-the-ninth-game-on-the-line-holy-smokes grand slam.  These were cookies that I had to get out of my house NOW.  As soon as they were done and I had devoured one, I called up Jane Whitford, as they were the friends that were the closest in proximity that I could take these little devils to (sorry everyone else – if you want emergency cookie drops, you’ll just have to move across the street!  I even tried to think of a way to send some of these to you, Aunt Shelley, but I think you would get a package of crumbs – tasty tasty crumbs).  Make these cookies.  (I used Skippy peanut butter and roasted peanuts and note that they spread a lot on the cookie sheets!)  They are not hard and you will NOT be disappointed!!  

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Kitty Chaise Lounge

We were at Target today, and I got drawn in to the “Kitty Chaise Lounge”. It attached to a window sill, allowing the cats to look out the window in our new office easier. What I forgot at Target was that Storm is not a normal cat size. She is, in fact, the size of a manatee with a gland problem. She managed to squish herself into the chaise lounge alright, but it wasn’t pretty.

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Justin "The Cheese" Gasper

Well, he did it again.  For three years running, Justin has taken the prize for the Longest Drive at the annual Putts for Pets fundraiser for the South Wood County Humane Society.  Each year we have paired up on a team with our good friends Robert and Rachel (shown here passing us in their much faster cart).   We always have a great time with them laughing and being silly, and playing a game that resembles golf.  Robert & Rachel always manage to get to the stake to mark the longest drive first, which means they get to christen Justin with a special nickname each year.  Past names have included Justin “The Bee” Gasper and Justin “Apple Pie” Gasper.  Like I said, it is mostly a chance to just be silly!  This year the event was held at Bullseye Country Club rather than The Ridges.  We thought the course was a little bit nicer, but the food left much to be desired (though we somewhat expected this and raided the trail mix packets out of our goody bags before dinner!).  

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