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Building Update

1st floor July 30

First Floor - Future Home of A Dash of Delicious

Goodness Gracious.  Could it really be that we are actually taking a step forward to the eventual completion of the renovations to our building (a.k.a Project Julie Loses Her Mind)?!  Believe it or not, we are finally in the process of meeting with electricians, plumbers, HVAC guys, etc, getting estimates and planning some demo.  Okay, as you can tell from the photos, we’ve started a bit of the demo, just to get a better idea of what is under carpets, behind walls, etc., but we have definitely left plenty for you to help us out!  Please mark you calendars for Sunday, August 9th and Monday, August 10th.  On that Sunday we’d like to remove carpeting and several walls upstairs, and tear apart a few walls and carpeting in the first floor, piling it as much as we can in the front half of the first floor.  On Monday we’re planning on having the dumpster delivered, and then we’ll need a few more people to help haul everything that was torn apart on Sunday into the receptacle, plus tear out anything we couldn’t get to on that Sunday.  

upstairs kitchen July 30

Second Floor Living Room and Kitchen

This is tentative at the moment, as it requires getting permission from the city to put a dumpster in a parking space in the public lot outside our building, but we don’t foresee a problem with that.  We’ll know for sure early next week if this will be a go (I’m turning in the permit request tomorrow).  If we have too many people for just demoing, we could probably put you to work clearing junk out of the basement, cleaning, or painting in the basement as well.  We’ll provide refreshments and snacks, you bring your work gloves, protective eyewear (you smart nerds) and any good demo tools (crowbars, mallets, etc).  Address is 1313 Second Street, downtown Stevens Point (by the Farmer’s Market).  We’ll give you more details ASAP regarding times!

justin in basement

Justin working at sealing the cement floor in the basement.

THANK YOU in advance!

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Definitely with Extra Butter

I saw this post last week on, and immediately wanted to try making these cupcakes.  So yesterday afternoon I set a few hours aside to bake and decorate.  I wanted to try a new cake recipe out of Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes (a fantastic book for ridiculously good recipes and oodles of decorating ideas).  I chose a “Snickerdoodle Cupcake” recipe, which had a nice shot of cinnamon and sugar in the batter.  While the cupcakes were cooling (and our house officially smelled amazing), I set to work trying to recreate the white and red striped cups for the cupcakes to nestle into.  

candied liner

I coated the inside of a foil cupcake liner with white chocolate, and then set them in the freezer.  The hard part was trying to carefully carefully carefully peel the foil away from the chocolate.  I attempted about 10 of these, and only got 6 or 7 passable ones.  The others cracked apart in the process.  I then melted some red candy coating and piped lines onto the white chocolate cups.  After I nestled in a cupcake into the candy cup, I piped on some vanilla buttercream frosting, tinted with a bit of yellow food coloring.  

popcorn cupcake

And while far from perfect, I think a few came out pretty good, or at least close enough to see what I was going for!

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Plan B

Two days ago I received an email from our friend Rachel, saying her and Robert were free this weekend, and wondering if we were too.  And amazingly enough, we were.  We planned to get together for dinner tonight – hot dogs and s’mores over the campfire.  Well, the weather forecast did not cooperate with us, with rain showers coming through every half hour.  Instead, we broiled the hot dogs, used the blow torch to cook the marshmallows (how did I miss getting a picture of that?!), and then headed down to the bowling alley to pass the evening together.  

justin gum

Justin was still riding high from miraculously beating Trav while bowling in Houston, and was unprepared for the bowling genius that Robert & Rachel brought forth.  But yet, once again, somehow he pulled a load of strikes out of who-knows-where during the last two frames of each game and came out ahead, the weasel.  


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Basement Treasures

Justin and I sorted a bunch of boxes of miscellaneous memories and (let’s face it) junk out of our basement earlier in the week.  While quite a bit went into the trash bin, we did happen upon a few interesting finds.  Together in a box with Justin’s high school yearbooks and sweet t-ball photos, was a black garbage bag with about 20 OLD newspapers in it, passed to him from his grandparents.  We were distracted for quite awhile as we carefully opened them and read some of the headlines, stories and ads.  

This headline definitely caught our eye.  Though we were both a bit stunned when we read closer, and realized this newspaper is from 1918, at the end of the First World War.  

1918 Peace

There were also several newspapers from World War II, proclaiming the attack at Pearl Harbor,

pearl harbor

and later, victory in Europe.

VE Day

The ads also caught our eye.  Certainly a different day and age!

wolf sets

And are all you ladies sitting up properly?

sitting properly

After putting the papers carefully into a slightly better storage container, we’re planning on getting several framed, in order to display these interesting glimpses from the past.

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Cupcakes Galore!


I think cupcakes are becoming my favorite baked items to make in the kitchen.  I love the different ways to decorate them as well as the built-in “cuteness factor.”  These cupcakes were made to fill several different needs, but mainly to help our friends Diane and Aaron choose some flavors for their fast-approaching August wedding.

all cupcakes

 This tray includes Chocolate Mint Cupcakes with Peppermint Buttercream Frosting, Chocolate Cupcakes with Whipped Peanut Butter Frosting, Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Swiss Buttercream Frosting, Cherry Almond Cupcakes with Almond Buttercream Frosting, and Double Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Curd and Lemon Buttercream Frosting.  


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Funniest Picture Ever.

This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.


I think that is what I look like when I eat cookies too.

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More Interesting Snacks

The last few days I’ve been busy making cake pops, making phone calls, and making DVD’s, none of which I took a photo of (do you want a picture of our phone?  Because I’ll do it, mind you, if you clamor loud enough!).  So instead I thought I’d post a few more reviews of interesting international snacks we’ve tried a bit ago, but haven’t written about yet.

lonely god snacks

The first is another snack food from New Zealand, that Travis was kind enough to share with us.  “Lonely God Potato Twists” are very unusual, but highly addicting.  They are shaped like spiral pasta, have the flavor reminiscent of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles, but with the texture of puffed rice.  It was very easy to eat a handful of these, and still be left with the feeling that you really hadn’t eat anything at all.


Next up was an even more addicting candy from Peru, which our friend Jenn brought Justin back from her recent trip there.  And we were fully prepared to get addicted to it, as it was rightfully named “Crack”.  One type had a crunchy chocolate center coated in chocolate, while they other type was a crunchy peanut center coated in chocolate.  Yep, those two bags didn’t last too long once they were opened!  


Jenn also brought Justin a Nestle Sublime chocolate bar, but he turned his back for a moment and somehow it tripped and fell into my mouth.  It happened so suddenly, in fact, that I kind of think Justin forgot it was even there.  They are oh so tasty, and I remembered them from my time in Peru.  Similar to a Mr. Goodbar, but with better chocolate.  

In all – fun, delicious treats.  Much more successful than the last taste test!


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