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Hello Cleveland!

We are currently sitting in the Cleveland airport waiting to board our flight to Houston. Cleveland is a little bit out of the way, but after the problems we had going through Dallas twice last year, we decided against chancing our luck again. We are off to visit Travis and Emily in Texas, and I hope to fulfill my goal from last year’s trip which was to shoot a large gun at a pile of fireworks while wearing a ten gallon hat and spurs. We can all dream….

Here is a picture of the strange paper airplane sculptures in the airport. Kind of cool.

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Rock The Diamond!

Lots of clouds, but it never rained.

A week ago, Julie and I went to Wisconsin Rapids to visit our friends Robert and Rachel, see their new baby, and catch a Wisconsin Rapids Rafters baseball game.  Small town baseball is pretty spectacular, as evidenced by the “Mini-Kiss” tribute concert being advertised on the Rafters site.  It was “Irish night”, so there was green beer, and all the players had their names tweaked to sound Irish, mainly by adding an “O'” to the front of their last name.

Sack race to the mascot

In between every inning was some weird contest on the field that involved small children racing around the diamond, a sack race, spinning around and trying to catch the mascot, etc…  The baseball was fun, and mixed with all the other stuff happening, including free food, it was an extremely enjoyable night.  I even invented a new catchphrase to yell – “Rock the Diamond!”

I may have had a small amount of caffiene. Robert was amused.

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Window Update

Here has been our building for the last week:

Gorgeous, no?

We have been busy waiting for the new windows to come in.  In the meantime, Mat finished the framing for the two new panels (going from 3 smaller to two larger panels).  It is still going to look a bit unfinished, as the whole new facade will be done at the same time, at the end of July.

We can already tell a major difference in the amount of heat the new windows let through, versus the old ones.  The old widows were pretty much solid screens, letting in tons of heat or cold from the outside.  It will be interesting to see the utility bills in the coming months!

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Hey Baby-o!

Amidst the chaos that has become our lives, I squeezed in a last minute visit with our friend Angie and her newly expanded family. Kurt and Angie and big sister Katie recently welcomed little Julia Ann to their family on May 25th. She is a relaxed, though squeaky little peanut of a girl, with the hippest hairstyle this side of Iowa.

And as snuggling is near the top of her “can do” list, I was happy give Angie’s arms a break as often as possible. Especially after Ang accidently spilled beans on her head at dinner.

Seriously! Let the Mama eat! Though I can’t say I did much better during dessert, as Julia just narrowly missed being dripped with chocolate-y ice cream. Goodness how we were laughing! Poor baby!

And Miss Katie is growing faster than I can even fathom!

At just two she is counting, knows her ABCs and loves her little sister more than just about anything on the planet (though oatmeal and her blankie also rank pretty high).

It was a bit of a whirlwind of a visit, and about two days too short, but it was sweet nonetheless. And I’m already looking forward to seeing this fun family again soon!

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Helpful tips

Here are some helpful tips if you want to get drunk and randomly punch windows on a Friday night at 2AM.

1) Pick a window that isn’t surrounded by tons of people that will see you break it.

2) Pick a window that, when shattered, won’t try to kill you.  The glass should be less than 50 years old and of the “safety” variety so it doesn’t just break into large, razor-sharp pieces.

3) When the cops find you, don’t say you got that nice, fresh, gaping flesh wound “earlier”

4) Pick a window that is worth *less* than $2000 so, when you get arrested, it isn’t a felony

Wake up at 2AM and immediately start filling out paper work for the police

Tonight the front window got smashed by someone who isn’t so bright.  The general consensus is that they are lucky they didn’t lose a limb.  The top half of that window could have easily fallen and chopped off an arm or leg, so to just have a minor flesh wound is a good thing.   I’m glad I’m not cleaning up body parts along with the glass.  This is extremely unsafe 50 year old glass, not the typical safety glass you would normally find, which is part of the reason it was slated to be replaced in a couple of months.  I woke up to the sound of the window breaking (fun!) and pretty much knew exactly what had happened.  I threw on a T-shirt and some styling shoes and came down to assess the damage.  The cops were already here, since it’s Friday night on The Square and they pretty much just camp out, dealing with the typical fights and drunkeness.  I filled out an “incident report”, gave them the quotes we already had to replace that window, and they tried to find glass with blood on it.  They caught the guy pretty quick and he confessed, after trying to say that the fresh wound he was tending to was a “pre-existing condition”.  Because of the cost of replacing the entire window (around $2200), he will be charged with a felony after they patch him up.  Now back to bed!


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A nice feature.

This morning plumbers from Chet’s Plumbing & Heating came in to install the kitchen sink, the handwashing sink, the mop sink, and the toilet and bathroom sink.

What is it about running water that is so momentous?  Really, it is just a couple of sinks and a toilet.  But all of a sudden the space is USABLE.  While all of my ingredients, pans, and tools are upstairs in the apartment kitchen, I could walk into the bakery space, turn on the oven, bake a cake, and then wash the dishes.

Now we are starting to figure out more of the details that tend to get lost in the big picture planning: toilet paper holder, soap dispenser, paper towel roll, mirror, art, storage, etc. etc.!

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