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Camping! (sort of)

The new toy

I am not a camping fan.  Julie and I have camped once on our own since we got married 8 years ago, and that was within the first 6 months in Seattle.  We have gone and visited people at camp sites and haven’t stayed overnight.  Luckily, today was no different.  Julie’s parents got a new RV and were at a local campsite for a test run, so we went and visited them this afternoon and stayed for dinner, but came home well before dark.  We saw a lot of wildlife on the drive in – a number of deer, a couple of fawns, unidentifiable birds that looked tasty (pheasant?), and chipmunks that wouldn’t leave Paul alone.  We had chicken tacos cooked over a fire and sat around and visited.  I tried to get Paul to let me feed a chipmunk, but he wasn’t having any of it.  I’m pretty sure it would have eaten out of my hand – it was all over the campsite; around Paul’s feet, on the picnic table investigating cookies, on the steps of the RV, and just running around everywhere else.  Next time….

Tasty birds

Boring deer

Me, playing with fire

The chipmunk didn't mind Paul so much

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Busy. Which I think is a good thing.

These last few weeks have been hectic.  Really hectic.  The weather has been fluctuating between gorgeous and Mother-Nature-Hates-Wisconsin.  The oven has been busy as all get out, and almost burned Justin’s face off yesterday.  And the week ahead is going to be just as busy, with orders for Ginger Cookies and Cake Pops.  Wedding season, it certainly is!  Plus, visitors!  Travis and Emily flew up from Houston for a friend’s wedding in Milwaukee, and then have spent the rest of the week visiting friends and fam.  We drove up to Crystal Lake on Wednesday to celebrate Trav’s baptism, have a picnic lunch, and enjoy the water and sun.

The Gasper brains must have been feeling in sync that morning, as the guys found themselves quite coordinated!  We could only stay for a couple of hours as we both had work calling us home, but it was nice to have some additional time with them.

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Fourth of July Fireworks… just a bit late.

I’ll be honest.  There was a part of us that was a bit disappointed to be down in Houston for the Fourth of July.  We had been excited to watch the riverfront fireworks from our primo location on the roof of our building.  While we enjoyed spending the fourth with friends and family and watched fireworks in The Woodlands, we couldn’t help but feel a bit of glee to learn that the Stevens Point fireworks had been delayed because of several days of rain.  They were rescheduled for July 10th, perfect timing for us to return home, invite a few friends over, and see what the view would be.

It turns out, I think we had better seats than people right on the water!  We could perfectly and clearly see the fireworks up high and low, without having to sit on the grass for 3 hours to reserve our space, breathe in smoke from people around us, or swat away bugs and mosquitos.  It was a beautiful evening (having cooled down quite a bit after some storms had passed through the area earlier in the day) and plenty of laughs were had with good friends.  I am guessing next year we may have to charge admission!  Now we just have another year to learn how to adjust the exposure time on our camera to get some better photographs!

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Bar-B-Q Happiness

On Saturday, we went to Rudy’s BBQ for some “authentic” Texas BBQ. This involved huge amounts of pork and brisket, an entire loaf of white bread, baked beans, corn on the cob, and Big Red soda. The sandwiches we made and loaded up with sauce were spectacular, as was the ambience of the restaurant. We ended up watching the end of the World Cup game between Spain and Paraguay.

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Blueblerries! (blubes for short)

This morning while Trav had meet with HR for work Justin and I went blueberry picking with Katie and Emily. And even though it started raining as we drove into the farm, and came down even harder as we walked out to the rows of blueberry shrubberies, we were not deterred. Soon the raincloud passed and the sun shone through. We had a great time laughing, finding the most perfect (17 pounds of) blueberries, and throwing the imperfect berries at each other. Justin acted as Chief Inspector, and only the prumpiest (plump & ripe) got to go in the pail. Katie was on a mission to load her freezer with as many berries as possible, and we were happy to help, especially since we are heading home tomorrow. It would have been fun to make some sweets with the tasty, fresh berries. Scones, pancakes, and muffins would be high on my list. Though eating them straight from the freezer, splashed with milk and sugar was a very acceptable treat after dinner tonight too!

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Houston days 1 – 3

We have spent the last couple of days hanging out with my brother Travis and his girlfriend Emily in Houston. The outer edges of hurricane Alex hit us yesterday and today, so the weather has been pretty nasty, with lots of downpours and thunderstorms. We have spent a lot of time in Trav’s apartment hanging out and watching movies. Yesterday we went to the health museum in Houston, which was entertaining, and today we went to an early showing of Knight and Day which at least held our attention. Also yesterday was a trip to Ikea to get some stuff that Trav needed, and then we had an entertaining dinner at the Maddock’s. I have a cold, which has been kind of disappointing, especially when we went to Niko Niko’s for lunch yesterday and the Maddocks for dinner, I couldn’t really taste anything, but based on the number of people in the restaurant and Julie’s reaction to the food, it must have been good. Because of the weather, all our outdoor plans are changing, so we are still deciding what to do the next couple of days. Tonight a bunch of people are coming to Trav’s apartment to watch Book of Eli, so that should be fun.

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