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Christmas night

This was a new thing this year, but I’m hoping it becomes a tradition.  On our way through Indiana a couple of weeks ago, my dad, Julie, and I stopped at a fireworks store right on the Indiana border and bought a bunch of fireworks.  Also, Julie and I went and bought a bunch of additional ones for gifts up in Wittenberg.  Fireworks Country has perhaps the greatest website in the history of websites.   We launched most of them off on Christmas night before we got too cold and turned in.  My brother Luke and his fiance Cheyanne made it up from Madison at about 10, and my grandparents came over as well, so we had a pretty big crew to watch the festivities.
Video of “Gentleman Jack”:

The spread of fireworks


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Christmas Day

Christmas day started with our normal gift exchange.  I didn’t give anyone any ideas for gifts this year and basically said “surprise me”.  I was definitely not disappointed.  Among the gifts – an original oil painting of the dramatic chipmunk (my favorite internet video), an Adventure Time T-shirt, a package of sodas from the Soda Pop Stop, and a mousepad made from a photo of my brother Trav in a hotdog costume.

What we woke up to out the guest bedroom window

Gifts, ready for opening

I'll bet you wish you had a mousepad like this

This now has a place of prominence on our wall (with a new frame)

Matching Adventure Time shirts

We went to Julie’s mom’s place for lunch and hung out with Julie’s mom, her stepdad, her aunt Jean, and her brother.  Notice the picture of Paul we got of him actually smiling!  We were testing out the smile detection feature of our new point and shoot camera.

Rare, very rare

The family, minus Julie's two stepsisters

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Christmas Eve

Our Christmas weekend was a flurry of activity.  On December 23rd, we picked up my brother Travis and his fiance Emily from the airport.  Emily was impressed with our regional airport and its one baggage claim.  We swung by The Great Dane for dinner and went back to our place and vegged.  On Christmas Eve, we hung out at our place, watched some Adventure Time and then headed up to Wausau, after grabbing lunch at Burrachos.

Trav and Emily at Great Dane


Trav and Emily - being engaged


Julie and I dropped Trav and Emily off at my parent’s new house and then headed over to Julie’s Grandpa’s retirement home where all the Schneiders get together.  We hung out, ate all sorts of food and exchanged gifts.  Every year they pick a color for the gift exchange and you have to bring something of that color.  This year’s color was blue, and Julie’s cousin Jacob got the gift I brought – a Superman Snuggie.  It was pretty awesome.

Our table at the Schneider get together


Jacob, enjoying his gift

After the gift exchange, we made the trek back to my parent’s and played some Catch Phrase and went to bed.

My parent's new place

Christmas Eve night

A rare photo of my mom, playing Catch Phrase

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Snow weirdness

We had a lot of snow about a week ago.  Over the summer, I added a vent fan to the makeshift “roof” over the backend of our building to help push the hot air from the air conditioner out.  When it snowed, we had a weird interaction with the vent fan where it seemed to pull snow down into a mini “snow tornado” of some sort on our back catwalk.  We ended up with a weird 4 foot tall “snow cone” right outside our back door.   I’m sure an engineer could tell us why this happened, but I’m going to stick with magic.  The snow also made for some interesting adventures when we went to visit my parents at their new house in the country.  I had never been stuck in a ditch before then, but the Civic just couldn’t cope with a certain country road.  Luckily a helpful neighbor pulled us out with his tractor.

Snow cone before I opened the door

Snow cone after

Driving up to Wausau on Sunday

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Julie and I were up in Wausau a week or two ago at her Aunt Ruth’s house for a Schneider family gathering where “cherigates” were made.  Apparently this is a traditional family treat.  It’s essentially just fried bits of dough covered in powdered sugar; can’t go wrong with that.  We had a good time eating a bunch of food, including the cherigates and watching the Badgers play on TV.

Carol and Jean, hard at work on the cherigates

They were fried in Crisco. That's a huge lump of Crisco melting


The guys, providing support the best way we know how.

Finished cherigates

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Guest post!

Our friend Jenn was concerned over the state of our blog. So she emailed me a guest post! Here you go!

Justin & Julie have been SO busy with traveling to and from MN, this project, that project and Oh yeah….opening a specialty bake shop, that I offered to write a guest post for them. Don’t all of the popular bloggers out that have guest writers? The answer is, yes, yes they do and Fravelicious shouldn’t be any different! So let me introduce myself….some of you may know me as Maureen and Madie’s mom, they’re the cute girls that Justin and Julie sometimes write about here. I’m also a Rockstar Dishwasher for A Dash of Delicious! But mostly, I’m just a friend. I’d like to share with you the top 10 reasons we’re friends with Justin & Julie. Ready? OK!

They’re awesome (that’s from Maureen)
Armadillo Milk
Dollar Store Cookies
Meat Babies
Cereal for Dinner
Bone Socks
They let us drop things off their building
Tim Tam Slams
Birthday weekends away
Justin’s appreciation for food on a stick

The list is in no particular order and I could go on and on, but I won’t.

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Only two posts in November?

I know, we’re bad.  November went by in an absolute blur.  Julie and I have been crazy busy – her with A Dash of Delicious, and me with a bunch of work projects that are needing attention.  Our days are spent huddled over our respective projects.

We did make it down to Chicago to be with my Aunt Maggie and cousin Beth for Thanksgiving, which was a wonderful relaxing break from the insanity.  We went out to eat Wednesday night at Macarena Tapas (warning – most annoying website ever), a Spanish place right in Naperville.  It was a unique experience and we had a lot of fun.

Beth and Thunder, chilling with Angry Birds

Choppin' Cauliflower

Thursday morning for me was spent in front of the TV flipping between the crazy Macy’s parade, the dog show, and football.  I haven’t watched the parade in years – what a cheese fest that thing is.  Maggie, Julie, and Beth spent most of the morning cooking up a storm and we ate lunch – turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes, rolls, cauliflower pie, smashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.  The evening was spent in a food coma watching a Harry Potter DVD.

Post lunch nap time for Julie

Post lunch nap time for Thunder and Creeper

Friday morning we ate breakfast at Egglectic Cafe.  Julie, Beth, and I all had Nutella crepes with whipped cream, strawberries, and bananas, which were ridiculous, although I was on a sugar high for like 4 days afterwards.  Maggie also had crepes but a more savory, less “desserty” version.

After that we did a little shopping and came home.  It was a great, relaxing time away that was sorely needed.

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