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Storm damage

We had a nasty storm last week.  Julie and I saw it coming on the radar on our iPads, and right as we turned on the news, the wind started going crazy and the power went out.  We stood at our upstairs windows and watched a crazy amount of rain and wind come through, for almost 45 minutes.  Normally the power goes out once or twice a year, and never for more than an hour.  This time, it wasn’t back over two hours later, so we went to bed after surveying the small amount of water in the basement and making sure everything was OK.  The next morning, the power *still* wasn’t back on, so we planned a day trip to Appleton to run some errands and so I could charge my laptop and phone in the car and get some work done.  Right as we were about to leave, the power came back on and we were able to get the fridges, freezers, and air conditioning back up and running.  Once we were certain everything was OK, we went for a walk around our neighborhood and realized the storm was a lot nastier than it seemed the night before.  There were trees down everywhere, a number of which were just pushed over from the base.  We got so much rain that it basically just turned the soil into slush and the tree roots didn’t have anything left to hold on to.  Most of the trees have been takend down, but a couple of cemeteries in town have a lot of work left to get things cleaned up.


New trees on the square. They just pushed them upright and staked them.


A block or two away


That tree isn't supposed to be in that house


This was across the road, on top of power lines

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Last weekend

This past weekend, we were in charge of Maureen on Saturday and Sunday while her parents were in Illinois.  We went up to Wausau to look at the chalkfest artwork and then head over to the airport for the balloon rally and “ribfest”.  It’s a weird combination of stuff to do, but it totally worked and we had a blast.

The chalkfest art was amazing to look at.  A lot of people were covered in dark chalk and looked to have sore knees from bending over to the ground all day.

Our friend Erin was doing Bambi

This "Up" drawing turned up pretty amazing

Adventure Time!

After chalkfest, we drove over the downtown Wausau airport for ribs, balloons, and fireworks.  We parked at Julie’s aunt and uncle’s house (Ruth and Greg) and walked on over to the airfield.  We were presented with 5 giant rib booths.  Each had signs that were easily 20 feet high, advertising their awards and what they offered.  We got some cheese curds and then waited in line for a sampler platter with brisket, pulled pork, ribs, chicken, and then another 1/2 rack of ribs, just in case.  We polished all of the food off pretty easily.  While we were waiting in line, I saw they were offering bi-plane rides, so I grabbed Maureen and we went up in a plane over Wausau, which was a pretty amazing view of where I grew up.

Rib booth signs

Greatest grill *ever*

In the plane

After the plane ride, we waited until it got dark to watch the fireworks.  Unlike “safe”, normal fireworks, these are large fireworks shot off only a couple of hundred feet from the audience.  The wind was blowing back to us, so a lot of the fireworks were going off directly above us, which was *awesome*.  Julie’s cousin Laura actually got hit by shrapnel and there was lot of ash and still-smoldering pieces of paper falling around us the whole time.

It was a bit too windy for the balloons to take off, but a few of them inflated for a few minutes

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4th of July

For the 4th of July, the fountain was “christened” so there were a bunch of extra people downtown.  Julie opened the bakeshop and had a busy day, so I spent a lot of time just wandering around and taking pictures, both from the roof and from the ground.  In addition to the fountain, there was the yearly 4th of July parade to watch.


Kids love the fountain


View of the fountain from in front of our building


Somebody walked a goat in the parade, in front of sheep painted green



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