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Buddy takes the cake…

Enjoying a cupcake at Tier Cakes in Savannah!

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We love the dunes at Tybee Island Beach. And the weather forecast this week is so nice, we'll definitely be heading back out to the island again!

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Dog-gone it!

Each afternoon/early evening, we enjoying walking down to and around Forsythe Park.  Though we have decided that we don’t fit in very well at that time.

There are even specially designed water fountains, just for dogs!

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Great Lunch Spots in Savannah

What is so nice about staying in a new city for a few weeks is that you start to weed out the restaurants a bit, you talk to people, become (just a little) a local. We’re finding casual lunch spots that are absolutely superb, that we probably would have missed out on if we were only visiting for a few days.

One of these such spots, Mellow Mushroom, was recommended to us by our friend Cris, and is a regional chain in the Southeast.  There is definitely a relaxed, laid back, and funky vibe to this quirky pizza place, and the food was fantastic.

To start we ordered a half order of fresh pretzels, with garlic oil and parmesan.  It turned out they simply made pretzel shapes with their pizza dough, baked them, then brushed on garlic oil and gave ’em a good shake of parmesan cheese.  Simple, but super delicious.  Like garlic knots or breadsticks, but way cooler when in the shape of a pretzel.  We’ll definitely be making these when we get home!

We shared a small Kosmic Karma pizza, which was topped with marinara, mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, roma tomatoes, feta, with a swirl of pesto.  This pizza was terrific.  The toppings worked wonderfully together, and we both loved the chew and flavor of the crust.

Plus, you can’t really go too wrong with a place with lime green tiles and murals of cartoon greats in the bathrooms!

One of our other favorite lunches was from Zunzi’s Express, on York Street.  It is a carry-out only spot (typically with a line out the door), but they have some cafe tables beside their building, so we grabbed a few chairs and ate right there.

We split The Godfather sandwich (that picture is just of half of it!), which was ridiculously good and definitely substantial enough to share (though I think we each could have polished one off it was so delicious!).  A delicious soft french loaf is stuffed with lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken, smoked sausage, and topped with the most delicious sauces.  We pretty much just said “Yes” when they asked us if we wanted their sauces on it.  No idea exactly what they were!  We’ll definitely be going back and splitting one more of these in the coming week.

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What month is it again?!

I’m having a hard time remembering that it is January.

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Happy as Can Bee…

There is, quite literally, the sweetest little shop on Broughton Street in downtown Savannah.  The Savannah Bee Company‘s shop is quite inviting, with their old fashioned screen porch door and promises of samples inside.  Along their counter they have a variety of jars, cheese and apples and honeycomb, as well as honey roasted pecans, and (if you’re lucky) a honey cheesecake out to nibble on.  It is very difficult not to walk out of the store without a jar or two.

I just spotted this recipe for Honey Pound Cake, and I thought it would be a great way to showcase one of SBC’s honeys (you know, without just eating it by the spoonful!).  I stopped into the shop and picked up a small jar of Sourwood honey, a sweet, super flavorful, dark hued honey.  I followed the recipe exactly, though I baked it in three mini loaf pans, which the batter fit perfectly in.  And we found a perk to going back to using a hand mixer – getting to lick the beaters!  And oh baby, is this batter fantastic!

Out of the oven, still warm, sliced and drizzled with a bit more honey (this other jar is our favorite – Winter White), this pound cake is groan-inducing.  And the aroma is off the charts.  The flavor of the honey really does shine, despite all the other ingredients.  I’m sure it will be quite delicious using local Raikowski Farm honey when we’re home too, but a few jars of this Sourwood honey will definitely find its way into our bags to take back!


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The Coast.

I simply cannot get enough of this.

Or this.

Or this.

And neither can Buddy!

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